Nascent Silicones Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1997, manufactures a wide range of compression moulded Silicone rubber products, which find their application in the electronics, telecommunications, IT, computer, consumer electronics, Office Equipment Medical equipment, infant care, food & pharma industries.

We can custom design and produce all types of silicone rubber products, using compression moulding process or extrusion process. Our engineers can design and cut molds to meet any customer’s requirements. Our dynamic management team and enthusiastic staff have given us a top edge in most of our areas of operations.

Nascent Silicones Pvt. Ltd. has received the national and international recognition of well-known manufacturers in the field, whether it is regarding the company's experience, qualified personnel, market sales, or technology.

Manufacturing Facilities:
Nascent Silicones’ manufacturing facility provides all of the processes required to take up top notch production runs.

Our operations team has designed our manufacturing facility to connect processes at key points for in-production inspection and efficiency optimizations.

Our aim is to cater to your specifications, providing insight into available technologies and innovative solutions.

Complete engineering consultation design services are available.

Our business philosophy to fully integrate raw materials and resources has resulted in the most competitively priced manufacturer of its kind in the world.

In today’s competitive marketplace, Nascent Silicones beats the odds through complete dedication to efficiency and quality.


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