Our Silicone Rubber Nipples, Pacifiers & Finger Brushes are manufactured in a clean and dust-proof environment to impart the required hygiene to these crucial products for baby’s care.

Our Silicone Rubber Nipples, Pacifiers & Finger Brushes are manufactured out of non-toxic, hygienic grade silicone rubber that qualifies for European and USA FDA regulations.

Our Silicone Rubber Nipples & Pacifiers are soft for baby’s comfort, clear for ease of cleaning, durable and long lasting with proper care.

The shape of our nipples is designed to be similar to the shape of mothers’ nipple inside baby’s mouth during breast feeding. Our shape encourages healthy oral exercise and allows muscle to grow in balance while satisfying baby’s urge to suck.

When in proper position our orthodontic nipples are ideally designed to discourage swallowing of air along with the milk, as in the desired position the nipple opening faces upward to distribute milk to baby’s palate and on top of the tongue. As against this standard, Nipple Milk jet opens towards the centre of the mouth which increases the tendency of the child to swallow air along with milk. This phenomenon invites repeated burping.

Our silicones rubber pacifiers made of Durable non-toxic materials, help babies satisfy their natural urge to suck and at the same time provides the kind of oral exercise that many Dentists feel promote healthy dental development.

Our Silicon Rubber Finger Brushes for infants provide a tender touch comfortable start to infants towards good oral hygiene. Its gentle bristles massage baby’s gums and teeth helping refresh the infants breathe and make them feel healthy.

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