Nascent Silicones , manufactures a variety of extruded silicone rubber products which find their application in a wide range of industries, specifically for their unique features of:
• insulation
• anti vibration
• abrasion resistance
• Fire proof /flammability performance
• cooling
• conformity to FDA standards

We categorise our extruded products briefly in to the following categories:
1. Tubings, Profiles, Channels, Cords, Beadings: For various applications in automobiles, engines, furnaces, consumer items, construction industry, containers etc.

2. Silicone Elastomer Sleeves: Conforming to BS 2848-1973 type-5 for electrical, electronic, computer and telecommunication industries. Available in a wide spectrum colours, bore ranging from 0.3 mm to 19 mm with wall thickness of 0.3 mm to 2 mm in continuous lengths.

3. Silicone Transparent Tubings: Used in pharma and food industries. These can be sterilized by steam or hot air, and suitable for use with peristaltic pumps. Available in size 0.5 mm to 75 mm dia and continuous lengths.


Mechanical Properties



Base Color 


As per Specifications

Specific gravity


1.18 1.5


Shore A

50 70 (±5)

Tear Strength


40 80

Tensile Strength


150 - 300

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage


6 - 7

Operating Temperature


-60 - 260

Typical applications include:
• Car windscreen wiper, waterproof strip; anti-vibration and sealing part for high level furniture……
• Electronic household appliances: lighting, electric iron, pressure cooker, microwave cooker……
• Rubber tube for various electronics and mechanical heating connections, computer
• connecting line, and heating part connection area.
• Tube for medical part, food use, household appliance such as fridge, cooker, drinking machine and cooking device
• Could also be used for electronics, machinery, construction industry....

We can also process various silicone rubber parts such as sealing gaskets, hose for drinking machine, skid sole for various household appliances.


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